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The Day Nursery Re-Opening Plan

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We are so pleased to be welcoming you and your children back to The Day Nursery. However, like you we have our concerns.

We had hoped to get information out to you last week but in light of new guidance arriving from all directions we have taken time to read, digest and put into action everything we can do to minimize the risks to our children, and all adults concerned.

In these challenging times here’s what changes we’ve made in order to make things as safe as we can for everyone.

‘Pinch Points’ for us are when our children arrive and are collected. With that in mind we have minimized the adults entering the setting.

  • We are asking that only one parent brings their child/children to the gate where a member of staff will meet you. We may check your child’s temperature before bringing them into the Nursery for you. If your child has a high temperature you may be asked to take them home. We understand that new advice is that this is not a great indicator of Covid-19 but we feel it is something we can do without too much fuss.
  • We are asking that parents let us know when they are on their way to collect so we can have their children ready to be collected at the gate.
  • Staff at The Day Nursery will be socially distanced from each other, as far as is possible but NOT from the children
  • Staff will NOT be wearing PPE other than gloves and aprons when administering personal care.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that staff are easily able to take their breaks socially distanced and in their working areas.
  • We are zoning off our outside areas so that year groups have as much of their day as possible (weather permitting) conducted outside but separated from other year groups.
  • Children will be grouped with a practitioner and remain in that group. Practitioners will remain with the same year group and children as far as is possible
  • We are further staggering mealtimes to minimize the number of children in the dining room and again year groups will be separated.
  • Staff will have their temperature taken at the beginning of every shift.
  • Hand washing is high on the list and will be carried out even more regularly and with even greater focus.
  • Hand sanitisers are at the entrances to be used on entry and exiting the setting.

We are in constant consultation with our Health & Safety advisors to ensure actions taken are measured and sensible. Staff will be given further training on Risk Assessment. The Day Nursery Re-Opening Plan

The Day Nursery Re-Opening Plan.docx Issue 19/05/2020 Page 2 of 2

This list of actions is very much a work in progress and is subject to change as more guidance is given to nurseries and government initiatives arise.

We welcome your input and opinions as there is still so much uncertainty. Our most important objective is the safety of everyone involved, with The Day Nursery.

Stay safe

Best regards

Glenda Mitchell

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