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A big thank you to you all for the care, love and understanding that you have shown to our darling little grandsons, Matthew and Harry. Our names are Linda and Mike. We live in Croft in Cheshire, so we don’t get to see the boys as much as we would like. To receive the photos of the boys from the nursery means a lot to us. It thrills us to see them looking so happy. They are lucky to have such lovely people to care for them at the nursery. I have been a couple of times to drop them off with Angie and I must say what a fabulous setting the nursery is in.

Once again a big thank you to you all with love and best wishes from the boys Nana and Grandad

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us and especially for Michael. We shall miss you but will never forget your kindness.

Love & Best Wishes Kieran & Rae

I've loved being there & will miss you all so much!!!!

Love you all Nathan

Thank you all so much for the wonderful care and fun days you have given Aidan. Both he and his sister have had a wonderful time at nursery.

You girls do a wonderful job with the children. Can't believe the little boy that first came to nursery at a day old is saying goodbye. We will miss you but will stay in touch.

With love, Tammy, Jason, Naomi & Aidan

Thank you for all your care and support with looking after Jack. He is going to miss you all so much.

Lots of love

Jack & his Mummy

Thank you for always being brilliant

Lots of love Jack

Thank you for all you've done to support Alfie & Grace over this past year & a half. Where has that time gone? You made what was a tough decision to make one of the best decisions I've made. The twins have come along in leaps and bounds since joining The Day Nursery & without a doubt we have a huge amount of thanks to you lovely ladies for this. The love, attention and dedication you show in your roles is commendable & it's clear for anyone to see that you are absolutely inspiring.

Alfie & Grace totally adore you all and it's made it so much easier leaving them in your care when I know they are safe & loved.

Will miss you all, you are awesome & we will never forget all you've done!

Thank you for being you x

Love Naomi xxx

To Everyone at The Day Nursery

Thank you for all you've done for/with Sebastian for the last two years.

Best wishes for the future.

Daniela & Nigel

To everyone at The Day Nursery

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have all given Daisy throughout this year.

She has loved coming here and talks about her friends and teachers all the time.

With love and warmest wishes,

Lisa and Daisy

Thank you all for the wonderful memories that you have created for Becca and Emily during their time in your very good care.

I wish you all the very best for the future and thank you again for the wonderful way you have looked after my girls.

Love from Russ, Becca and Emily

To all the wonderful Staff at TDN

Thank you for looking after us and making every single day fun!

Gracie will be extremely sad to say goodbye. She has really enjoyed her time with you and will never forget you.

Love from the Verralls

Thank you for looking after me this year

Love from Rhys

Dear Ladies

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Connor. We have both really enjoyed our two with you.

We will miss you loads.

All the best for the future, Kindest regards and lots of love

Connor & Mummy

Thank you for looking after Thomas so well over the past few years, he's loved being there & I'm sure will miss you all (I know we will).

A BIG THANK YOU to a great team!

With love David & Angie

I have found the staff at the day nursery to be very friendly and helpful. The children take part in a wide variety of activities, both fun and educational and the outdoor facilities are outstanding. My daughter loves attending nursery and her confidence and social skills have improved greatly thanks to the support that she has been offered in this small friendly nursery.


Our daughter has been attending The Day Nursery on a full time basis since she was just under a year old. My biggest regret is that the Day Nursery was not open in time for her older brother to attend as well! Given the nursery experiences I had with our son, there were a number of areas very important to me when looking at potential nurseries second time round. The quality of the food on offer was a concern for me when evaluating different nurseries, but the menus on offer here are varied and nutritious, with meals prepared on site from scratch and plenty of fresh fruit and veg available. The building feels spacious and well laid out, with more than enough room for the children to play but also to have their own space if needed. The atmosphere is extremely happy, bright and friendly, with plenty of the children’s art work adorning the walls. The staff are second to none; caring, friendly, approachable, always greeting you with a smile and go out of their way to make sure that every child and parent feels valued.

The activities the children undertake are wide and varied, from water play to cake-making, singing and story time to building snow men (conditions permitting!) I have nothing but praise for the help and support they offer in areas from behaviour / developmental concerns to toilet training and the positive and welcoming attitude displayed when discussing issues or concerns.

The outside area is thoughtfully laid out and offers great opportunities for outdoor play and learning, something that is encouraged on a daily basis as long as the weather co-operates. Our daughter absolutely loves going to nursery, something that makes being a working mother just that little bit easier, and I have nothing but praise for everyone I have dealt with at The Day Nursery. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.


Our initial reasons for sending our son to The Day Nursery were the enthusiasm of the staff to care for and educate the children, the amazing setting overlooking fields with stunning grounds, and the convenience of its location (easily accessible by main roads and close to Rayleigh train station). And over the past 3 years The Day Nursery have lived up to these and more!

Our son has flourished at The Day Nursery, gaining amazing language skills from an early age and has come on fantastically in numeracy and creativity. He has also become increasingly confident and gained a nice group of friends.

The daily menus are varied, healthy and nutritious and plenty of fresh air in the huge garden shows that The Day Nursery understands that health is vital to development.

The staff are friendly and welcoming and, when it comes to discussing your child, are both honest and knowledgeable and will share comments and advice.

We cannot rate The Day Nursery highly enough, so much so, our second child already has his name down!


When the time came for me to return to work full time the tough decision of who to trust with the most precious thing in my life was a major worry for me. These people would be spending more time with my daughter than I would be and I could never have left her if I wasn't 100% happy with them.

From the moment I arrived at The Day Nursery I was greeted and impressed by a lovely spacious building and grounds but more importantly really friendly, caring and genuine staff. Closely followed by the biometrics entry system to the grounds and the excellent CCTV coverage which were also reassuring to me as a worried parent.

From the first trial I knew that this was the perfect environment I would want my daughter to grow up in.

My daughter runs into nursery, normally with one of her friends and greets the staff loudly as she is always so happy to see them. She eats healthier and more varied meals than I ever will and her refusal to eat pasta was catered for without any problems by the chef.

During the day she is always kept busy outside if the weather permits but also indoors. With all kinds of creative activities involving paint, play dough, shaving foam to name a few and today Yoga!

From 18 months old she could tell me colours, animals, shapes and more recently recite the whole alphabet and count to 15.. I know this is due to the fun and educational activities the staff do during the day with the children and I cannot take credit for this amazing achievement.

Issues have arisen with her behaviour and again I cannot fault the communication and more importantly to me the advice and support I have received from the staff.

Now at 2 years old I am amazed at my daughter’s confidence, her speech, her social skills and I am so pleased to see how happy she is. I honestly couldn't have wished for more from a nursery or from the staff. I cannot fault The Day Nursery in any way and would highly recommend them to any parent looking for a safe, loving and caring environment for their child to be left in.


It's hard being a working parent, and care for your precious child while you carry on with life's necessities is one of those really important decisions you need to feel confident and comfortable with. The Day Nursery has been a home away from home for our little boy and it's down to the staff and owners in combination that make it a success. The family run centre has a fantastic space both inside and out, with views across open countryside and the separate dining area means that meal times are an exciting adventure in themselves! There is always a fun atmosphere with plenty of varied activities, whilst keeping the individual needs of each child at the fore. Our little boy gets visibly giddy when we arrive each morning which leaves us satisfied that he is happy. His development is considered in a constructed manner and we believe that with this continued path he will be more than ready when it comes to starting his schooling days. We have nurseries closer by, but the care and standard of this nursery are second to none. We have built a great rapport with the staff which makes leaving our beautiful son in very capable hands just that little bit easier.

Like everybody we were very choosey when looking around for a nursery and despite being slightly further from our home, The Day Nursery really impressed us on our initial visit. The place felt so bright and airy and the facilities looked perfect. After speaking to the Glenda and her team, their polite, friendly and honest manor sealed the deal for us.

A few months later it was time for Megan's first day. The staff were all just as friendly as we remembered and it made it much easier for both Megan and ourselves. After a few days she was more than happy to be dropped off with her favourite member of staff and now she's thrilled to see the face of anyone who works there, although if pressured she can always pick a favourite (this changes every week...) Car journeys home are always filled with her excitedly telling us about what she's been up to and the list is so long that it often takes up the entire drive.

The facilities and staff make The Day Nursery perfect for us and we have recommended them to countless friends and wouldn't hesitate in sending any future children here.

David & Clare

My eldest child started at The Day Nursery shortly after it opened in 2008, upon our first visit we were made to feel extremely welcome by 6lenda, Ray and their staff, we were therefore more than happy to leave our second child in their capable hands when the time came.

The changes and continual improvements that they have implemented over the years for the benefit of all the children have been astronomical and especially well received by my two, therefore improving their social skills, confidence, imagination and much more.

The Day Nursery provides excellent care, great homemade fresh food, wonderful friendly staff, beautiful grounds and purpose built accommodation, which in my mind equals two very happy children and a very happy mum and dad!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this wonderful, family run nursery to anyone. Overall it's a great environment for a child to encounter and makes me wish I were 3 again.


Our son has been attending The Day Nursery since he was just over a year old, and is now getting ready to leave to start school this coming September. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful owners and all the staff who have taken such care of him for the past 3.5 years and just commend what an amazing job they have done during that time and most importantly all the fun he has had whilst attending! I know he will miss them all dearly and I feel that his time there has been wonderful in all aspects, from him learning how to talk - to writing his own name - to bossing (or at least attempting to) everyone about! Glenda, Ray, Jenna and all the lovely staff have kept us abreast of his daily time schedule, keeping us updated with anything they felt we should be aware of or that we would find important on his learning journey. He has engaged in a variety of wonderful and contrasting activities over the years from various Charity events, Royal wedding and Jubilee celebrations to mini Olympics. The communication and support where any issues have arisen has been invaluable and we have felt very comfortable leaving him in such capable caring hands, not sure how I will cope when he goes to school!

The grounds are very clean, spacious, well laid out and encompass a variety of stimulating play equipment and a large garden and allotment to highlight but a few splendid areas. My son has a great deal of energy to expend and needs lots of outside space to run around in, The Day Nursery certainly ticks all the boxes in this respect. It is safe and secure, very clean, well presented, but most of all welcoming to all, children and adults alike, it has a wonderful homely atmosphere from the pictures adorning the walls, to fish tanks and the room where the babies lay down to sleep.

We have just received a lovingly put together scrapbook of his time there, 3.5 years of pictures, drawings, quotes and information on his childhood journey, I certainly had a tear in my eye reading the carefully (and thoughtfully) laid out scrapbooks, the level of detail the staff have put in to documenting my son’s journey from baby through toddlerhood to pre-school is tremendous and really second to none and I for one would not for one moment hesitate to recommend The Day Nursery.

Angie and David