What parents say about The Day Nursery

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us and especially for Michael. We shall miss you but will never forget your kindness.

Kieran & Rae

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Thank you all so much for the wonderful care and fun days you have given Aidan. Both he and his sister have had a wonderful time at nursery.

You girls do a wonderful job with the children. Can't believe the little boy that first came to nursery at a day old is saying goodbye. We will miss you but will stay in touch.

With love, Tammy, Jason, Naomi & Aidan

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I've loved being there & will miss you all so much!!!!

Love you all Nathan

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A big thank you to you all for the care, love and understanding that you have shown to our darling little grandsons, Matthew and Harry. Our names are Linda and Mike. We live in Croft in Cheshire, so we don’t get to see the boys as much as we would like. To receive the photos of the boys from the nursery means a lot to us. It thrills us to see them looking so happy. They are lucky to have such lovely people to care for them at the nursery. I have been a couple of times to drop them off with Angie and I must say what a fabulous setting the nursery is in.

The grounds are very clean, spacious, well laid out and encompass a variety of stimulating play equipment and a large garden and allotment to highlight but a few splendid areas. My son has a great deal of energy to expend and needs lots of outside space to run around in, The Day Nursery certainly ticks all the boxes in this respect. It is safe and secure, very clean, well presented, but most of all welcoming to all, children and adults alike, it has a wonderful homely atmosphere from the pictures adorning the walls, to fish tanks and the room where the babies lay down to sleep.

We have just received a lovingly put together scrapbook of his time there, 3.5 years of pictures, drawings, quotes and information on his childhood journey, I certainly had a tear in my eye reading the carefully (and thoughtfully) laid out scrapbooks, the level of detail the staff have put in to documenting my son’s journey from baby through toddlerhood to pre-school is tremendous and really second to none and I for one would not for one moment hesitate to recommend The Day Nursery.

Best wishes from the boys Nana and Grandad

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Thank you for all you've done to support Alfie & Grace over this past year & a half. Where has that time gone? You made what was a tough decision to make one of the best decisions I've made. The twins have come along in leaps and bounds since joining The Day Nursery & without a doubt we have a huge amount of thanks to you lovely ladies for this. The love, attention and dedication you show in your roles is commendable & it's clear for anyone to see that you are absolutely inspiring.

Alfie & Grace totally adore you all and it's made it so much easier leaving them in your care when I know they are safe & loved.

Will miss you all, you are awesome & we will never forget all you've done!
Thank you for being you x

Love Naomi xxx

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