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Baby Room

This room has stimulating resources to encourage the child’s natural curiosity Books form part of their daily routine. Singing games and nursery rhymes are planned into the day. There are blankets for the babies to crawl on outside as well as having a ride in a push chair. Cots are available in the room. Our qualified staff will follow your routines as far as possible.

The planned activities follow the Early Years Foundation stage guidelines. And of course we will love your child almost as much as you do. At the end of each session the practitioner will give a verbal account of your childs experiences, there is also a written daily sheet which records sleeps, whats been eaten, nappy changes etc.

The progress your child makes at The Day Nursery is recorded in a Learning Journey and is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.  You can ask to view this and an appointment will be made for you to do so.