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Pre-School Room

Children in this room start to play as part of a group. Stories are told or read to groups as well as to individuals.

The Foundation Stage curriculum is used for planning play based activities. The emphasis is that learning is fun and stimulating. Children are beginning to recognise their own names and are able to take ownership of their property.

There is full access to the outside. Bikes, taxi bikes and scooters are available for outdoor play. There is access to the themed gardens and wellies are a must.

Children are now making choices for their own activities. Children’s ideas for future play activities are welcomed and encouraged. There are opportunities for problem solving.

Children are encouraged to interact with the younger children in the Nursery, handing out fruit or putting on a little show for the younger children etc.

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own hygiene, washing hands, using toilet independently and of course they are encouraged to clean their teeth after meals. Please provide a toothbrush and toothpaste, thanks. At the end of each session the practitioner will give a verbal account of your childs experiences, there is also a written daily sheet recording what has been eaten, etc The progress your child makes at The Day Nursery is recorded in a Learning Journey and is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.  You can ask to view this and an appointment will be made for you to do so