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The Hall

Ratio 1:4

We recognise the need for toddlers to become more independent. The room is well equipped with resources for quiet as well as physical play. There is messy play as well as creative activities. The emphasis is on learning through play.

The children have access to the outside play area where they are able to play on the bikes, cars or enjoy the themed gardens. There are opportunities to dig, splash in puddles or to sit and watch! A well planned fun filled day is our aim for our toddlers. Welly boots would be useful now thanks.

Sharing books, stories, music, nursery rhymes and action rhymes are also part of the day.

Little beds are provided for children who need a nap. In this room we have a separate small area for nappy changes.  When your child is ready to potty train we have a large toilet where your child can choose from a selection of potties or the toilet fitted with a child seat. During potty training please bring more than one spare pair of pants!!

At the end of each session the practitioner will give a verbal account of your childs experiences, there is also a written daily sheet which records sleeps, what’s been eaten, nappy changes etc. The progress your child makes at The Day Nursery is recorded in a Learning Journey and is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.  You can ask to view this and an appointment will be made for you to do so